Photo: Yoann Loubier
Photo: Yoann Loubier


Play, creativity and improvisation are, to me, fundamental in the development of children and adults. My interest in those areas is therefore the backbone of everything I undertake.


Background and education: 

  • Masters Degree in Didactique de la musique (teaching music) at the Sorbonne University. Pass with Merit. Dissertation on the role of creativity in the process of learning to play a musical instrument. 
  • University Degree of Musicien Intervenant 
  • Diploma of Musical Studies, pass with merit, specialising in flute and recorder.
  • Trained as a imaginative painting instructor by Sandrine Sananes at the Atelier de Charenton
  • Trained to use Barbotine by Daniel de MONTMOLLIN at his Workshop

    in Taizé.

  • Trained in Freinet with the OCCE 03

  • Trained to repair brass instruments by Hervé Mercey


Publications and other work: 

  • Quand la Créativité Crie Famine: (When Creativity Runs Dry) collaborative work lead by Daniel de Montmollin to which I have contributed. Published by HD editions, Paris, 2015. 
  • The Sardier Workshop: workshop dedicated to imaginative arts, open since June 2014. 
  • Jouer à la musique (Playing with Music): a guide to becoming a musician, for all ages. Seeking editor
  • Jouer à la flute traversière (Playing the Transverse Flute) : learning manual for the transverse flute. Seeking editor.
  • Creation of a Repertoire of Improv Games, accessible to beginner musicians, in a variety of styles (tonal, modal and contemporary). The aim is to give the opportunity to beginners to actually play music from the very early stages of their relationship with the instrument – and thus be able to express themselves, play and grow with music.


Professional background:

  • Professor of flute and recorder at the Academy Georges Guillot in Thiers, part-time.
  • Member of the troupe Sam Bataclan (performances for young publics).
  • Regularly takes part in the Saisons Musicales (Musical Seasons) of Sinfonia Métropole Orchestre, as a flautist (transverse flute) and also in the Orchestre Baroque 21 (recorder), under the direction of Pablo Pavon.
  • In June 2012: selected to take part in the 5th Forum des Enseignants Innovants et de l'Innovation éducative (Forum for Innovative Teachers and Innovative education), organised by Café Pédagogique and associations of the Education Nationale.
  • 15 years of practice teaching flute and recorder in Conservatoire (School of Music).